Security Committee


The neighborhood watch committee is devoted to the prevention of crime and vandalism within Spanish Town and surrounding neighborhoods. Committee members maintain a working relationship with local law enforcement to report suspicious behavor and to resolve on going issues. This committee funds an off-duty police officer to patrol the neighborhood on a regular basis and alert the officer to any potential problems.


When suspecting criminal activities, citizens are encouraged to contact authorities and not to intervene.

Preservation and Beautification Committee


The late Father Howard Hall, always active on the neighborhood's Beautification Committee, coordinated with the DDD to have dog waste bag stations located in the neighborhood. This was at the same time boxes were going up throughout downtown. The project has proven to be successful and use of the boxes and bags continues to grow, for which dog owners and non-owners alike are grateful. The upkeep for the project, however, has proven to be a burden. The DDD never intended to supply the bags and the civic association can ill-afford to purchase them with existing funds, which are mostly earmarked for security patrols.

We are asking neighbors to consider donations to the cause, whether you and your dog use the bags or want to actively prevent dog poop in your yard by encouraging the habit of using bags. Five thousand (5,000) bags cost $195, and we would like to add box stations ($79 each) as funds are available.

To help with this effort, please send a check payable to HSTCA, P. O. Box 3282, Baton Rouge, LA 70821-3282, with a notation clearly designating the Doggie Bag Project, in whatever amount you think is appropriate or affordable. If you were to donate enough for an additional dispenser box, we'll install it wherever you like! 

If you observe that a box needs attention, please send an email to


This award is named in memory of Spanish Town resident F.R. Howard Hall who was  dedicated to beautifiying and preserving the community.  This award is presented to homes that have given significant effort towards renovating the exterior of their home and grounds. Recipients are awarded $50 dollars, in appreciation for their efforts 


The Spanish Town Invasive Pest Project (STIPP) was founded by Michael Beck, Dave Hinson, and Brian Robson in July of 2011 to apply for a “Love Your Block” grant from the Baton Rouge Mid-City Redevelopment Alliance. STIPP was formed independent of the HSTCA in order to leave the Beautification Committee of the HSTCA some latitude to apply for grants independently.

The purpose of the project was to fully eradicate the paper mulberry tree, Broussonetia papyrifera, on one city block; the block bounded by Spanish Town Road, Lakeland Drive, North 6th Street, and North 7th Street. Eight months of regular monitoring and selective herbicide application has paid off. An inspection on June 28, 2012 confirmed that the paper mulberry has been completely eradicated inside the project area.


The STIPP now enters two new phases:

1. Monitoring the project for new infestation. Female trees survive outside the project area and produce fruit that birds carry. This line of propagation is slow and easy to contain with moderate vigilance.

2. Ongoing eradication outside the project area. Neighbors have contributed hours of hard labor in this endeavor. An additional block, bounded by North Street, Spanish Town Road, N 8th Street, and N 9th Street, has been reduced to low vegetation that can be finished off with herbicide. The Mayor’s office has offered volunteers for tree cutting and hauling jobs.

Membership Committee


The HSTCA is always seeking new and innovative ways to fund intiaves within the neighborhood. Committee members foster and maintain working relationships with community stake holders who support and benifit from the efforts of the HSTCA. Additionally, the committee generates new ideas and programs to raise funds for HSTCA projects.